Presto 50332 Pressure Regulator

Presto 50332 Pressure Regulator
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Product Description

Presto 50332 Canner Pressure Regulator
For Presto Pressure models:
01/C22, 01/C17, 01/C13, 171003, 174001, 171001, 171002, 177001, 02/CAA12H, 02/CAA16H, 02/CAA20H
The pressure regulator is a(3)three piece unit that fits onto the vent pipe on the cover of the canner. For Large Canners WITH OUT steam gauge.

Can be used as 5 pound

With one ring, 10 pound

With all three rings, 15 pound.

Please note: Always refer to your pressure cooker or canner instruction book.
Remeber you control pressure by adjusting heat, turn the heat down for less pressure.