ALL AMERICAN Non-Electric Sterilizer 1941X

ALL AMERICAN Non-Electric Sterilizer 1941X
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Product Description

ALL AMERICAN Non-Electric Sterilizer 1941X
Professional quality, extra heavy duty cast aluminum cover and bottom construction, used world-wide to sterilizer a wide range of materials,

suitable for dental, medical, veterinary facilities,

laboratories and health and cosmetic applications.



Our largest non-electric unit

Crafted of the finest hand cast aluminum that resists aging and corrison.

Stay-cool bakelite top handles and wing nuts

Removable aluminum inner container with rack

Portable, economical, reliable operation Pressure gauge conforms to the pressure gauge standard ANSI B40-1-1980

Flexible metal exhaust tube

Clamping locks prevent removal of the cover, while pressure is present as an added safety feature

Exclusive metal-to-metal seal - no gaskets to crack, burn, replace or clean

Large sterilizing capacity

Complete, effective sterilization at the lowest possible cost Can be used over any effective heat source


Size Specifications

Gross capacity: 41 qt / 39 liter

Overall height: 19"

Height of bottom Only: 14 1/4"

Inside diameter: 15 1/4"